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Nestle in the northern part of Karnataka; Bijapur is a historically important city of the state. Situated 530 Km from Bangalore and only 550 Km from Mumbai, it was once the celebrated capital of Adil Shah Dynasty. The city was established by the Chalukyas and the city was named as Vijayapura, meaning "the City of Victory", from which the present name Bijapur has been derived. Soon it came under the rule of Bahmini Sultanate and was named Bijapur. Under this dynasty, Bijapur saw the construction of many exquisite structures that would be counted among the best in the world. A lot of monuments have been partially destroyed during the wars, but still the uniqueness of the monuments is not hidden and attracts all enthusiastic travelers. The grandest of all monuments in the city is Gol Gumbaz, the second largest tomb.

There are many excursion options from Bijapur. Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal which are all located around 100 Km from here. All these places are celebrated for the temples of Chalukyan style. Employ in shopping in Bijapur which is famous for the hand woven lkal silk saris. The plethora of ancient mosques, mausoleums, palaces, fortifications that dot the landscape of Bijapur stands as mute witness of the grandeur Adil Shah dynasty.
History of Bijapur
The foundations of this historic city were laid during the reign of the Chalukayan Dynasty of Kalyani between 10th and 11th Centuries. They called it 'Vijayapura' or the city of Victory from hence comes its present name Bijapur. Bijapur came under Muslim influence, first under Alauddin Khilji, The Sultan of Delhi, towards the end of the 13th Century and then under the Bahamani Kings of Bidar 1347. In 1481, Mohammed III, one of the Bahamani Sultans, appointed Yusuf Adil Khan as the Governor of the Bijapur. One of the sons of Sultan Mohammed II of Turkey, Yusuf Adil Khan fled his country on the death of his father, to escape the massacre of crown princes in the battle for the succession to the throne. He was purchased as a slave by Mohammed Gavan, the Prime Minister of Mohammed III. With the decline of the Bahamani power at Bidar, Yusuf declared his independence in 1489 and thus became the founder of the Adil Shahi Dynasty which survived as the Kingdom till its annexation by Aurangazeb in 1686. Bijapur experienced a great burst of architectural activity under the Adil Shahi Dynasty. The Adil Shahi encouraged building activity to such an extent that Bijapur itself has over 50 Masks, more than 20 tombs and a number of palaces. Earlier Muslim rulers of the Deccan deployed Persian Craftsmen and Architects.
Air : The nearest airport to Bijapur is in Belgaum which is at a distance of 205 Km from here. There is connection to Bangalore and Mangalore apart from being well connected with Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Rail : Bijapur is connected by rail to Bangalore, Bombay, (via sholapur) Hospet (via Gadag) and Vasco da Gama (via Hubli Londa).

Road : Bijapur is well connected by road transport. Regular bus service is there from major cities like Badami (138 Km), Bangalore (550 Km) and Pattadakal (148 Km) and Hampi (220 Km). There is bus connection to other states as well. Mumbai is around 486 Km from here. National Highway 13 passes through the town.
The Bijapur weather is typical of the Northern Karnataka regions. The summer months of April and May are hot, very dry and generally uncomfortable. As monsoon sets in, temperatures go down while humidity levels take an upswing. The average annual rainfall for the district is 552.8 mm with 37.2 rainy days. The monsoon generally breaks in the district during June and lasts till October. Winter months usher in a bracing weather in Bijapur with temperatures taking a plunge. It is perfect time to stroll around exploring the ancient monuments in and around Bijapur.
Tourist Attractions
Gol Gumbaz
Gol Gumbaz is the mausoleum of Muhammad Adil Shah (1627 -56), the seventh ruler of the Adil Shahi dynasty. A fine specimen of Adil Shahi architecture, this mammoth tomb is a dominant landmark of Bijapur. The construction of the Gol Gumbaz was completed in 1659, after 20 years of meticulous craftsmanship. The chief attraction of the mausoleum is its central dome, which is second in size only to the dome of St Peter's Basilica in Rome and stands unsupported by any pillars. Another astonishing facet of the Golgumbaz is its whispering gallery, which is an acoustic marvel. The gallery has been designed in such a way that the tick of a watch or the rustle of paper can be heard across a distance of 37m and the faintest sound is echoed eleven times over. The tombs of Sultan Adil Shah, his two wives, his mistress Ramba, his daughter and grandson are located under the central dome. The octagonal turrets which project at an angle and the huge bracketed cornice below the parapet are important features of this monument. From the gallery around the dome, which can be reached by climbing up the turret passages, one can have a fabulous view of the town.
Bijapur Castle
Bijapur Castle was built in the 16th century by Maharana Pratap Singh's younger brother, Rao Shakti Singh. Its is strategically located next to the wildlife sanctuary where you can see a variety of animals like blue bulls, spotted deer, wild boar and leopards moving around freely. Presently it is a heritage hotel under the authority of the Royal family of Bijapur and has superb accommodation along with an optional Jeep Safari for the villages near by. It is famous for its' Mewar traditional hospitality.
Jumma Masjid
It is believed to be among the earliest of Mosques in India. Jumma Masjid is famous for the exclusive copy of Quran which is written in gold. The Mosque was built during the Period of Adil Shah. It still holds prayers and is used for worshiping by many people. The mosque covers an area of 10, 810 sq m which makes it one of the biggest mosques in the region. Jumma Masjid has some decorative motifs inside, on the walls and the ceilings.
The Ibrahim Roza
Further to the edge of the city is the Ibrahim Roza, a beautiful tomb with artistically laid out corridors and interconnecting buildings with richly decorated walls and perforated stonewindows. Ibrahim Roza, the mausoleum of Ibrahim Adil Shah II, is said to have inspired the Taj Mahal in Agra. At the centre of the town are large arches signifying the forts and its beauty in moonlight. Even though many of the structures were damaged by Aurangazeb, Bijapur remains a must see town.
Malik-e-Maidan is mammoth cannon, fourteen feet long and weighing about 55 tons, is an awe-inspiring sight. Built by the Adil Shahis, the muzzle of the cannon is shaped like the head of a lion crushing an elephant to death with its huge jaws. A unique feature of this legendary gun is that it is always cool to touch even under the blazing sun.
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