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Udupi, the kokani city is the headquarters of the Udupi district of Karnataka state. It is a small temple town located near Mangalore. The town is renowned for its celebrated Krishna Temple, the focal point of all religious and spiritual activities. It also lends its name to the Kannada Vegetarian Cuisine which is famous around the world. Udupi is first among the seven places of Pilgrimages. Udupi is the center for education, social and religious activities. Large number of Sanskrit scholars can be found in Udupi. The temple attracts pilgrims from all over India and is also a centre for the Dvaita philosophy. Udipi is also the district headquarters and is the third-most important city of Karnataka, after Bangalore and Mangalore. The economy is based on agriculture and fishing, as well as small scale industries such as food processing, dairy and cashew production. It is also developing into a hub for the software industry.
History of Udupi
Udupi is the birth place of Sri Madhvacharya, who set up the Astha Mathas, one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the state. It is popularly believed that the name of Udupi originated from its Tulu name Odipu. According to other sources, the name Udupi is a result of merging the Sanskrit words Udu (stars) and Pa (Lord). According to legend, due to a curse by King Daksha, his 27 daughters (the 27 stars, according to Hindu astrology) were married to the moon and the moon lost its shine. The moon prayed to Lord Shiva to get back its original shine. Lord Shiva was pleased with the moon's prayer and restored its shine. Legend says that the moon and his wives made their prayer at the Chandramouleeshwara temple at Udupi, creating a linga that can be seen even today. According to this story, therefore, Udupi means the land of the "lord of the stars," the moon.
Air : The nearest airport to Udupi is Mangalore (Bajpe) Airport, which is 50 km away.

Rail : Udupi railway station lies on the Konkan Railway line connecting Mangalore to Mumbai. It is well connected with all major cities in Konkan line, and also with other cities in India via Mangalore rail terminal.

Road : Udupi is well connected to Bangalore and Mysore. There are frequent bus services from Mangalore.
The climate of Udupi is generally hot in summers and pleasant in winters. The maximum temperature touches 40°C in summers (March to May) with a minimum of 18°C. Winters (December to February) have the extremes 32°C (maximum) and 14°C (minimum). Monsoons during June to September offer average rainfall, accompanied by heavy winds in southwest and northeast directions.
Tourist Attractions
Krishna Temple
This famous temple also called as Krishna Mutt or Krishna Math dedicated to Lord Krishna is located on the north side of the temple square in the heart of Udupi. This temple was built in the Dravidian architectural style in the 13th century and the idol of the lord was installed by the Vaishnavite Saint Shri Madhvacharya. It is a famous pilgrim place for Vaishnavites. The temple celebrates many festivals like Madhvanavami, Ramanavami, Nrisimha jayanthi, Bhagirathi janmadina, Krishna Leelothsava, Ganesha Chathurthi, Anantha Chathurdashi, Subrahmanya shashti, navarathri dasara, Holi, Vasantha Puja, Jagarana seva, Thulasi Pooja, Laksha deepothsava, Dhanu Pooja, Sapthothsava and chariot festival. Parayaya festival is the main festival of the temple celebrated on even years in January, attended by a large number of people. The temple is surrounded by Ashta (eight) Mutts. The daily rituals and management of the temple are carried out by Ashta Mathas.

The main attraction of the temple is small exquisitely carved silver - plated window with nine holes called 'Kanakana Kindi' at the back of the mutt and the lord is worshipped only through this window. The name of the window was derived from a lower caste devotee of the lord, Kanakadasa who later became a great composer. There is a legend that Lord Krishna gave his darshan to Kanakadasa by breaking open the walls on the western side of the temple. Since then there is no front door to this temple, only this window. The idol of Lord Krishna is richly adorned with jewels. The temple consists of a large tank the Madhava Sarovar. It is believed that the holy river Ganga flows into this lake every 10 years.
Chandramoulishwar Temple
According to history, the Moon was once cursed by Daksha Prajapati. To get away from the curse, the Moon executed self-mortification. God was pleased and he came out before the Moon and set the Moon free from the curse. And so this place came to be known as Chandramoulishwar meaning Lord Shiva. The place has a famous temple by this name and the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Chandramoulishwar temple is Udupi's aajya, or grandfather temple. Every observance at the Krishna Temple always starts with a compulsory visit to this temple.
Sri Mahishamardini
In Hinduism Durga, the Universe Goddess is a powerful feminine Goddess. Goddess Parvati, the consort of the Lord Shiva is also known as Shakthi and is another form of Goddess Durga. Shakthi means 'Goddess of strength, energy and power'. The Goddess Durga is known for destroying Mahishasura, the Buffalo demon. When Mahishasura drove out all the Gods from heaven, they all went and appealed to Goddess Durga for help and gave her their weapons to defeat him. Her other name is Sri Mahishamardini meaning the "Destroyer of Mahishasura".
Malpe Beach
Malpe beach is around 6 km from Udipi and is an ideal picnic place with its virtuous beach. The interminable unfold of golden sand with gracefully swinging palm trees and the clean blue sky with the ripple of the sea is an ideal place for spending one's vacation. Malpe beach is an ideal holiday spot for boating, fishing and bathing. It is a very famous fishing harbor with tourist ferryboats. The Maple Beach is quite different as it is a long and broad town beach which is yet to develop.
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